Lead Management

Lead Creation

Here you can create a new leads very easily. Most of the fields optional except some.

You can also add address and social media fields of your leads(future customers). 

You can also add new source, status and title instally, without visiting another page via the secure tokenized APIs.

Lead Management

In this page, you can manage all leads.

Leads can be updated and deleted easily. User can also sort leads with multiple selections from the top bar. 

Sorting is also giving at the frontend level too for some fields like sources, statusess, temperature, prospects and scores.

Lead created and updated timestamps are also visible in the actions column.

Lead Proposals

At the of editing lead, user can click on the Proposals tab to send and view previous proposals. 

Products can be added in the proposal. and User can also email the proposal to the lead.

Task, Mediafiles and reminder can also added to any specific lead. 

Lead to Customer Conversion

Here, Lead can be easily converted into a customer whenever required, just by clicking on the green button("Convert To Customer").

When you click on this button, it will ask for some medatoty fields for a customer, like username, password and title. After entering that, all the data from the specified lead including proposals, estimates, task, mediafiles and reminders. everything will be attached to the new customer.

Note: After you convert the Lead into a customer, you can't update anything in the Won Lead, although you are free to do the same in the customer area.

Mark as Poor-fit or Dead

Any Lead can be marked as poorfit or dead depending upon the lead status. But if accidently marked as dead or poorfit. It can normalize easily with the Normalize Lead button. 

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